Eden Health Care Services will enter its next chapter with new CEO Kym Kaufmann. 

"I'm very excited about the opportunity," Kaufmann says. "I think my unique combination of skills, experience, and education position me well for the role."

Kaufmann comes with several years of experience as Director of Operations at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre. She also holds a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Eden Board Chair Ben Fry explains it was Kaufmann's experience and passion for community-based mental health services that made her the perfect choice.

She looks forward to getting to know the staff and working with the community. "It's a lovely area," Kaufmann says. "It's such a wonderful, beautiful community, I'm excited to work in the area."

However, while it's a time of transformation in the province as government attempts to reign in healthcare spending, Kaufman says it's not something to be feared.

"I don't think transformation should be considered a threat, but instead an opportunity for Eden to celebrate successes and build our portfolio over the next coming years," she says. "And make sure we're aligned with the health system transformation and that we can showcase our great work."

"Increased focus on client incomes... ensuring patients get access to good mental health services, but also doing that in a cost-effective way. I think she'll bring forward those capabilities and skills that will really be important for Eden," Fry says.

"We're confident she is the right person," he adds.

Kaufmann will take over from Acting CEO Ken Kroeker August 27. Kroeker took the leadership role in the interim after former CEO Analyn Einerson left earlier this year.