An Albertan husband is living up to the vows 'in sickness and health,' recently learning to curl hair to help his wife of 50 years.

Carrie Hannah is the Director of Delmar College of Hair & Aesthetics in Red Deer, Alberta. 

"We had the gentleman come to our school," says Hannah. "He wanted to know if we were offering any courses." 

Hannah and her team were initially a little confused at the question.

"He explained to me that his wife was having some challenges. She was struggling with her vision and that she was burning herself with the curling iron and he wanted to help her."

After struggling to curl his wife's hair on his own, this husband went to the professionals to ask for help. 

"He also asked if we could help him with mascara as she was struggling with this too," says Hannah.

On a slower day late in April, Hannah brought him to a student who had some time.

"We paired him with a student, Britney, and a mannequin. Everyone rallied and gave him a curling hair lesson and makeup lesson."

The gentleman, along with his wife, keeps in contact with the hair school, sharing their stories of success.

"He's such a gem. The sweetest part of the whole story is that he pulls his wallet out and shows these pictures of her. Bragging on what a beautiful and wonderful wife she is. That after everything she's been through she looks really good. She was a courtroom stenographer who used to type over 100 words a minute."

According to Hannah, the man has set a good example of a beautiful marriage and a great love story. 

"It was really nice for our young students who are primarily female and young, to see that genuine love story and real gesture. It's not always the big gestures. He cares enough about her to come to a beauty school," she says.