The newest group from Elevation Worship Records, Elevation Rhythm, recently released their new debut LP titled Growing Pains.

"It came from being in the pandemic and the last two and a half years, where everything was so uncertain and there was a lot of fear and anxiety," Davide Mutendji explained. "Growing Pains is like, we don't have to know exactly what's coming up next and what's going to be in the future, but we can trust that who we believe in and where our faith is placed means that we have an assurance that there is a hope that we're living for."

As an essential part of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the group sets the musical compass for a younger generation of worshipers. With youth and young adults at the forefront of their mission, Elevation Rhythm's sonic backdrop is intentional to keep up with the changing times, which is why the group experiments with a variety of bold sounds and textures. Incorporating elements of pop, rock, worship, and hip-hop, each of the twelve songs found on Growing Pains offers the youthful energy found in its diversity. 

"This album isn't just for Sunday morning or a youth night. It's for the days when you're not in church," said producer Josh Holiday. 

While the group has previously released a handful of singles, such as ''Quiet'' and “Never Walk Away,” Growing Pains is a cohesive introduction of the group to the world. 

“This album feels like more of an overflow,” Holiday explained. “We had more than enough songs. More songs ended up on the floor than they did on the album. We have a lot that we want to say.”

Every song on Growing Pains has already been shared at the church's monthly youth gathering, Rhythm Nights, and some of them have been led for more than a year. Overall, the album is intended for a generation searching for purpose, identity, and acceptance.

The group will share some of these songs live when they join Elevation Worship on the spring arena tour, Elevation Nights. Kicking off April 26 in Chicago, they will bring the experience of Elevation Church to cities around the U.S. The tour will wrap up in Boston on May 5.