Lighthouse Mission have replaced the freezers and fridges that were lost when their basement flooded and it's all thanks to generous supporters.

"We've replaced all the equipment we lost," said Joel Cormie from Lighthouse Mission. "It's all brand new."

New freezers and fridges have been put in the basement and are now waiting to be filled with food, Lighthouse Mission announced on Facebook.

"We were able to open a week earlier then we planned to," Cormie said. "Just because of generous donations from Winnipeggers and people around southern Manitoba who heard of our plight."

They set a goal of $20,000 to get the doors open and they hit that goal within two days, ending closer to $30,000.

"We feel incredibly grateful, incredibly thankful for all the people who rallied to make that possible for us," Cormie said. "We're thankful to God as well.

"We see how his was in this whole thing . . . he saw it coming long before we did."

Lighthouse Mission is now looking for food donations to fill the freezers. They are open Monday to Friday.