Jordan Janzen is excited to share news of a new album being released this year, as well as expecting a second child in the coming weeks. 

The Color decided to try something different for their upcoming album being released later this year. In October, the band announced on social media that they were looking for fans' input. The band had roughly 60 songs to pick through, so they asked for help choosing. 

"It was a really interesting process as we included some fans in the process of picking songs for the album. We had some decisions made at that point, but we asked them to pick their top five favourites and it did impact the final results," says Jordan Janzen, lead singer of the band. 

While it is a different approach, the method was one they don't regret trying. 

"It was a really unique, fun, and helpful process," says Janzen. 

When it comes to deciding on songs, each member will automatically have a bias to specific ones.

"We are all tied to different songs for different reasons. Sometimes it's because of the emotion we felt in the room, there is a multitude of reasons why you are drawn to something. At the end of the day, our desire is to have it resonate with the people," he says. 

The Color during the recording process for their latest album. The Color during the recording process for their latest album. (The Color/Facebook)

Although there is no date for when The Color plans on releasing this new album, Janzen says he believes it will most likely be in the fall. The label the band is on will have the final say. 

"We have recorded 10 songs but it kind of depends on how things go south of the border as to whether or not we'll be able to add some more to that. We'd love to but we don't really know," says Janzen.

While The Color has four band members, only two members have a hand in the writing process.

"James Sheils and I are the songwriters. We do a lot of it together and then we also do a lot of songwriting with other people based in Nashville or the US. In this COVID season that meant a lot of writes over zoom."

Janzen shares that he is looking forward to flying down to Tennessee once restrictions lift to do more writes in person. 

"We do have a new single coming out March 1, 2021. That will mark the first release off of this new album."

Janzen along with his wife are expecting their second child at the beginning of April. 

"We're having a boy. We have a little girl who just turned three and she's excited to get a little brother."