The benefits of chiropractic care are evident in these (peer-reviewed) fun facts!

Not studying may be your best study tool

Students can let themselves believe that choosing to keep their nose in the book is better than going for a quick jog or visiting the gym.

"Small bouts of exercise enhance brain function," says Dr. Trevor Clark. 

"So we should be moving here and there, right? Researchers have discovered that following a short burst of exercise there's amplified expression of a gene that increases connections between neurons in a region of the brain called the hippocampus."

Your hippocampus is associated with your ability to learn. So make sure to incorporate exercise into your studying habits, says Clark.

Exercising results in less fatigue?

Mental health has become a big topic of discussion in today's world.

In May 2019, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal researchers found that young adults who suffered from generalized anxiety disorders felt less worry and less fatigue after 30 minutes of high intensity running on a treadmill.

Dr. Jane Peterson says, "Only 30 minutes! So, it does show that exercise can help with those endorphins to help reduce anxiety."

Get chiropractic care like the pros

Athletes put their bodies through a lot as they train for their sport.

"Many athletes have reported that they've experienced improvements related to speed and strength following a chiropractic adjustment," says Clark.

The Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy analyzed data from over 900 studies that seemed to suggest that a spinal adjustment could improve short term strength gain in healthy participants.

Clark says, "Professional sports teams have chiropractors on the sidelines. Why is that? Because many people see improvements in their function and performance through chiropractic care."

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Pain with a passport

It can happen that you start to feel pain in one area of your body but then, later on, feel it travel to a new location.

"It may be related," says Clark. He has seen patients come in with initial pain in their lower back, but then also remark on pain and weakness travelling into their leg.

Calrk says, "You have to remember, the nerves exit the spine, but then, of course, they go to those muscles in our appendages.  Whether it is an arm or a leg, it may be related if you're having persistent numbness and tingling or pain in those appendages."

At their office, Connect Chiropractic, they can do testing to see if those pain patterns are related.

Healthy kids are more likely to be healthy adults

Peterson says it's not necessarily a good thing for kids to be spending their summers on the couch, relaxing before school begins again.

In a study involving 1800 young children, those who were overweight at the age of four and stayed overweight until age six were twice as likely to have high blood pressure as kids who maintained a healthy weight.

While kids might want to relax in the air-conditioned house, Peterson says kids need the balance of rest and activity.

"In this study, it's basically showing that we need kids to get up, get moving, so they can be a healthy weight, so they can avoid things like high blood pressure as a child and as an adult in the future," says Peterson.

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