Two local shelters are grateful for any excess fresh produce people may be gathering from their gardens this time of year. 

"We love to take fresh produce, anything that comes from your garden," says Luke Thiessen from Siloam Mission. "Anyone who's been to Siloam will know that we get creative with stuff like that when it comes in."

The non-profit ministry will use fresh vegetables and fruits for meals like soup, salad, and even desserts. 

"Our chefs get really creative and it's a good challenge but also a way to add great nutrients into what we can serve for our community. More than 80 per cent of all the food [Siloam Mission] serves is donated. Often times those are non-perishable items that are not the most nutrient-rich. For us being able to have fresh vegetables helps us pack a lot more healthy aspects into the food."

Siloam serves 400 meals each breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which means 365 days a year they are serving 1,200 meals to people in need.

Another downtown ministry Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is also glad to take people's excess garden haul. 

"We would very much welcome fresh vegetables from anyone who has the ability to grow them and has excess, we would more than welcome any and all vegetable donations at this time," says Frank Ulrich of UGM.

They receive quite regular donations from larger producers, Hutterite colonies, and personal gardens. They are always happy to get more. 

"We're thankful that we can provide for the people that we serve nutritious meals. Soups in the evening and a warm meal at lunchtime."

UGM serves food, on top of other services, to roughly 100 people throughout each day. 

For any gardeners who want to drop off fresh vegetables at Siloam Mission, they can do so at 300 Princess Ave in Winnipeg. UGM is taking donations any time of the day and they are located down the road at the corner of Higgins and Princess.