A woman from Thompson started a Facebook group to help seniors but it has spread its wings and grown to 26 communities in Manitoba.

Tiff Price is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother to four. She's also the founder of the Manitoba Community Angels Facebook page.

"The program came about in Thompson, Man. The reason why the project was started was to help seniors right now who are going through the pandemic with things like getting their groceries, shovelling for them, or someone to talk to," she says.

The idea was well-received as people in surrounding communities started to join along. 

"Some of the programs that are readily available to some of these people do have a cost behind them. So I thought how wonderful would it be to be apart of something that helps seniors with no strings attached."

As the online community began to grow, with people in need but also others who wanted to be angels, other administrators came aboard. Kristyne Ford, Tori Weir, Joanie Jesso, and Nikki Brightnose also help Price run the page. 

"I have albums on the Facebook page where I post a 'mission'. This is when someone contacts me and then I will go ahead and make the mission under the album from where they live. I will post an angel emoji beside and any angel that messages me saying they want to do it, I connect them both."

What started as a group for seniors has expanded to anyone in need. 

"We had one young woman who was going through a hard time and asked for a homecooked meal. We posted it and within five minutes she had one angel in the area dropping food off on her doorstep for that week."

Many of the angels are blessing people anonymously, according to Price, really keeping the spirit of no strings attached. 

"Something as simple as people wanting someone to talk to, people wanting prayer, so many people hop on board," says Price. 

The requests vary from walkways shovelled to donating cat food to maternity clothes to phone calls. Once a request comes in, anyone in the area can become an angel and bless a stranger near them.

Manitoba Community Angel Facebook Page logo.(Supplied)