Many of the world's greatest athletes are praising God as this year's Olympics came to a close.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 ended on Sunday evening with many Christ-followers taking home medals.

Canadian running champion Andre De Grasse thanking God after his one gold and two bronze medals.

"Thank you to everyone who’s joined me on this rollercoaster ride," De Grasse posted on Instagram, "my coaching staff, sponsors, my family and friends… Canada and most importantly GOD." His coach says he has a "God-given gift" for running.

Tatjana Schoenmaker, from South Africa, shared a prayer before her swimming competition.

"Father God may your will be done, may your peace fill us up, may we praise you no matter what the outcome, may we be empowered by your strength to give it our all and may we forever be in the awe of your goodness!" she tweets.

Schoenmaker, donning a swimming cap with an Ichthys (or Jesus fish), won gold in the 200m breaststroke.

U.S. sprinter Allyson Felix is the most decorated female Olympian and holds her faith close. She says coming up on her races, she was afraid she would let people down.

"Know that there is freedom on the other side of your fear. Go out there and be brave with your life because you are worthy of your dreams."


Before the Olympics Felix went through difficult circumstances, as her daughter almost died in the hospital. On Monday, they were reunited with her daughter telling her parents "I love you so much."

Another U.S runner, Sydney McLaughlin, is thanking God after winning her second gold medal on her 22nd birthday.

"Thank you, God, for another year of life. I look forward to unveiling where it takes me as you continue to establish my steps. God Bless," McLaughlin writes.

Colombian Melissa Gonzalez did not medal in her track events but gave the glory to God as she secured a role in the semi-finals.