A young Winnipegger says she's just following the promptings of God, and hopes others will do the same.

"We were walking. I don't know, I just felt led to start praying for everybody in the care home," says Carmela Hijazi-Figueroa.

As Carmela and her mother, Rindalah, were taking a walk Sunday evening, the 10-year-old ran ahead and faced the wall of the Simken Centre Personal Care Home. 

When the two were walking and Carmela ran up to the outside of the PCH wall, Rindalah didn't know what was happening. But when she realized her daughter was lifting them up in prayer, it inspired her to do the same.

"Just pray and believe that God our Father will do a miracle," says Carmela, urging others to pray for those battling COVID-19. 

The Maples Care home in Winnipeg has been in the news for the past little while with all their COVID cases, in the residents and staff. The Hijazi-Figueroa family decided to bless them as well. 

"We asked our neighbours and our friends to donate trinkets for Maples Care Home. We dropped them off and they really liked it," says Carmela. 

Within 24 hours, neighbours, friends, and family had dropped off many items for the family to bless the Maples PCH, including Korean masks, treats for the nurses, and cards of encouragement. A local florist got in on the giving as well.

Sending gifts to the Maples PCH in Winnipeg.Sending gifts to the Maples PCH in Winnipeg. (Supplied)

"You guys had a gentleman, the farmer? You put that story in there about a call to prayer, and that is why my daughter is doing what she is doing," says Rindalah. 

She read the call to prayer article to her family and coworkers, encouraging everyone to pray.

"There isn't a church building so wherever you go, you need to be praying. People say praying is all you can do, but it's everything," says Rindalah.

No matter your age, when people follow the promptings of God, it brings inspiration to others, according to Rindalah.