Over 5.3 million people watched live on Sunday night as the Flying Wallenda's made a record-breaking walk above Times Square. Those millions of people also saw the Wallendas faith in Christ on full display. 

Siblings Lijana and Nik Wallenda walked across New York's famed intersection on a tight rope 25 storeys in the air. The two met in the middle and Nik stepped over his sister before the two continued the stunt.

And through it all, the two were listening to a playlist of Christian music and singing along. Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen also met with the pair before they started and prayed with them.

"For Nik and Lijana and the dreams you put in their hearts - the gifts and the talents. Lord, I just thank you tonight that you're watching over them and protecting them ... that they'd be focused, Lord," Osteen prayed according to broadcaster ABC TV. "I thank you that your angels are watching after and protecting them."

Nik also prayed as his sister began: "Don't listen to those lies in your head that are holding you back from greatness. Chase your dreams. You are made for so much more."

For Lijana the stunt was a comeback after she nearly died in 2017 preparing for another stunt. Lijana fell 30 feet and broke nearly every bone in her face. She also broke a rib, punctured ear canal, and suffered other severe injuries.

Viewers could see and hear Lijana singing along to the Christian music as the brother and sister crossed over. For many watching, not just Sunday evening but following Lijana's comeback her faith through adversity has served as encouragement.

"You’re so brave!" one woman commented on Lijana's Instagram. "You pushed through the fear while worshiping and trusting Him...you’ve inspired me to push through my own fear..Jesus Jesus!"

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