Fall may not be the best time to jump in the lake and go for a swim, but it is a great time to take a boat ride, enjoy the autumn colours, and go fishing.

That's why Lifesaving Society Manitoba and the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) are reminding boaters of important safety tips.

"It is important to realize that we are seeing increasing variability of fall weather, with cooler nights resulting in cold water in lakes, rivers and streams across Canada, despite the warmer days," says Dr. Christopher Love, Water Smart Coordinator for Lifesaving Society Manitoba.

He says this is a time of year where cold shock can settle in very quickly if you end up in the water which is why they encourage everyone to remember a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD).

"For about the first minute or so they're going to be hyperventilating, unable to control their breathing due to that cold shock and if they're not wearing something that’s going to make them float at that point in time, they could be drowning in seconds."

Dr. Love adds that even if the weather seems like “shorts weather,” boaters should still bundle up so they can be prepared for unexpected trouble.

Leaving your plans with someone onshore and bringing a phone that is water-proofed is a great way to prepare as well.

"A general thing that we've said all the time, but especially important this time of year ... is don't be intoxicated when you're out on the water because the cold water can increase the effects and danger to you of that intoxication."