Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) aims to bring together the community through activities that will be hosted on its campus and at the same time educate about Indigenous practices.

"So Fall at CMU is something that connects both friends and anyone interested in CMU or even just interested in coming by," says Canadian Mennonite University President, Cheryl Pauls. "Fall at CMU is for the Community broadly, and there are places for people who want to be super active, and for people who want to watch a little bit more of what's going on. The activities are good for all ages of people."

Activities will include a farmers' and makers' market, bouncy castles, food trucks, cyclocross races, alumni volleyball and basketball games, campus tours, Bubble Man shows for kids, and more. Something new that CMU is adding to this year's event is stories at the new tipi on campus and a town hall conversation about the redevelopment of the former Kapyong Barracks.

CMU has been working towards reconciliation by incorporating Indigenous practices into everyday campus life.

"We've gotten in the habit of making a treaty land acknowledgement and an acknowledgement of the hospitality through centuries of Indigenous People and to settler people when they came to this Turtle Island place and now it's time to go, okay, we gotta live into what those acknowledgements mean, get to know people firstly, get to know what the cultures and the strengths are and understand more of the gifts we have received. We're learning how to practice and learning how to receive with more grace and just a very different imagination than started."

"So, with that then to say what are the next steps towards the long term and yet very present commitment to reconciliation and ways of living into a healthy relationship for all, because that's what treaty is, right, that this is good for all. That's something that we, as CMU, know we need to do a lot of learning, a lot of relationship building and a lot of changing in our understanding of what life is, what education is, and what we're doing here."

For more information about Fall at CMU, visit its website