If you're looking for a road trip leading up to the Christmas season, Micah Tyler and Nick Hall are going to be in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Dec. 7, as part of The Reason Tour


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The tour makes multiple stops through North Dakota, kicking off next Wednesday, Nov. 29. 

Jeff Anderson, who is a spokesperson for The Reason Tour shared how excited he is to be a part of it. 

"It's part of a bigger picture for North Dakota. It's a two-year evangelistic effort that's going to be taking place across the state. We've gone ahead and looked at the state working with local leaders and dividing the state into regions, and the importance of the Gospel going forward throughout the entire state. One way that's happening is through The Reason, and we're going to be looking at a number of other opportunities to share the Gospel over the next two years, but our first step is with The Reason." 

Partnering with The Reason Tour is evangelist, founder and president of Pulse, Nick Hall, whom Anderson is excited to partner with. 

"Nick's call in life is to be an evangelist. He's actually born in North Dakota. He formed the ministry Pulse in 2010, so this is his call to share the good news of The Gospel which he's done throughout the state of North Dakota and over the United States and other countries around the world. So he is there to share the reason for the season and that being the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ." 

Along with Hall, participants will get to hear music from a CHVN artist, Micah Tyler. 

"Micah's of course going to be sharing some songs related to Christmas and some other songs that he has written to encourage and bless those who come."

It also features kids programming, for those that want to bring the entire family along. 

"There will be a certain segment for the children since this is actually a family Christmas experience. We're working with the Child Evangelism Fellowship and part of the programming will be songs for children", Anderson continued.  

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here. For those that plan to bring little ones, ages seven and younger are free. 

"Great opportunity for families to come together and not a ticket charge for a child", Anderson said.