Terrie Todd is releasing her award-winning novel that explores abortion through a lens of compassion in her new book Lilly's Promise

Traditionally published after winning a contest through Word Alive Press publishing company in Winnipeg, this book is Todd's seventh published work. 

"Readers who enjoyed my first novel, The Silver Suitcase, will really like this one because it's split-time fiction. So you've got a historical story and a contemporary story."

The story explains how a father finds out about his own origin. 

"He's the bridge between the two main characters; his mother Lilly and his daughter, Dianna. Their stories unfold in split time, with Lilly's story in the 1930s and 40s, when abortion was illegal, and Diana's story in the present day."

Todd says her own faith has grown during the research for this novel. 

"I think this process has reminded me of the fact that we are all so broken and I believe it increased my own compassion for others, regardless of what reproductive choices they make. It also served to remind me in a really powerful way that our Good Shepherd, Jesus, cares for all his sheep. He especially pursues the ones who stray and which is all of us."

Lilly's Promise is officially released on November 30. Todd will host a come-and-go book launch in her hometown of Portage La Prairie at the library on December 10 from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 

"It's really a celebration of life in many ways. My goal was to share it with much compassion and it was eye-opening for me in many ways as I did my research. So it was a great journey."