The FBI, along with a few other organizations, helped rescued over 100 children in a recent American-wide operation.

Operation Cross Country XII is a project the FBI has been working on with local authorities. On Monday, they reported that the operation successfully located and brought back home 121 children across the U.S.

There were 200 state, local and federal partners on this operation alongside the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They worked together on the operation for over two weeks. 

They found 84 minors who were victims of child sex trafficking, as well as 37 other missing children.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement that the DOJ was "committed to doing everything in our power to combat the insidious crimes of human trafficking that devastate survivors and their families. I am grateful to the dedicated professionals of the FBI and our law enforcement partners across the country for their tireless work to rescue trafficking survivors, including exploited children, to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of trafficking crimes, and to provide the services and support that survivors need and deserve."

On top of rescuing all the children, the operation located 141 adult victims of trafficking and arrested 85 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offences.

"This operation serves as a reminder that these abhorrent crimes can happen anywhere, and the FBI remains committed to stopping this cycle of victimization and holding the criminals who profit from this exploitation accountable," says Ronald Hosko, the FBI's assistant director of the Criminal Division.