For 20 years, Amy Hayward spent her time in ministry, serving artists, musicians and pastors behind the scenes. 

As an event manager, Amy planned tours and conferences while walking through a process of healing behind the scenes with the Lord.

"I'm 39 now, and about 10 years ago, the Lord took me through a process of healing," said Hayward. "I might call it the valley of the shadow of death. I thought it was the end, but it was just the beginning of freedom and breakthrough that he had planned for me for a long time," Hayward explains.

Although Amy loved serving others and creating atmospheres at events where people encounter the Lord, she felt called to step out from behind the scenes where she could be heard and seen.

With this came plenty of pain and rejection, something she conquered over several years. 

“Each of us has a unique story, and for too many of us, that story includes rejection. I have seen that it's possible to find freedom and break out of that cycle of rejection, fear and pain. I thought rejection would always be part of my identity, but God showed me the truth about who I am, His Beloved.”

Amy writes about this in her book Victory Over Rejection. She hopes that sharing her story will bring that same freedom to others.

Amy shares her testimony with us today on Connections.