India's official count of COVID-19 cases has surpassed the 20-million mark and infections have nearly doubled in the past three months, while deaths have passed 220-thousand.

Despite all of this Vijayesh Lal, general secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India says, there is still hope and God is still working despite the devastation they are surrounded by.

"There is plenty of evidence of God moving. More people are recovering than dying. That's God moving already there. I see God moving in every teenager that steps up to help, not caring about themselves. I see God protecting our doctors," said Lal. "I've seen him moving in my life when he healed me from covid and my wife. We were almost gone. So yeah, God is moving more than we can see."

Churches in India have stepped up to help in the fight against COVID-19 opening hospitals and hospital extensions. They've also created a helpline for people to phone to deal with any mental health issues they may be struggling with.

Lal says one of the best things that the church can do globally is to pray.

"It is the time to pray, only God can save us from this because things are going to get bad," explained Lal. "According to experts we are going to hit the peak in June or July. Vaccines are in short supply, so we have to pray that lives will be saved, the pandemic will be contained and testing will be scaled up. Most of all pray that the Lord will rid us of this dreadful virus."

A day of prayer and fasting has been planned for Friday, May 7. People across the world are encouraged to take part. 

Today on Connections Vijayesh shares his own experience with COVID-19 and how we as Christians across the globe can pray for and help those suffering in India.