Two apartment fires in Winnipeg since last night.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service crews responded to a fire at a three-storey apartment on the 200 block of Atlantic Avenue around 8:15 this morning. No one was hurt and the fire was brought under control.

But two people were hurt in a fire at a four-storey apartment in the 200 block of Burning Glass Road around 7:30 last night. One person was taken to hospital in unstable condition, one was treated on scene.

WFPS assistant chief Tom Wallace says causes and damage estimates are not yet available.

Fire paramedic crews also responded to a hazardous materials incident at a University of Manitoba lab last night, around 8:50 pm.

Wallace says it was a mixture of nitric acid and ethanol.

"Those two substances are reactive and I guess they caused an oxidated reaction that was fairly dramatic, within the fume hood of the university," says Wallace.

The hazmat crew was called in. No one was hurt.