The small amount of rain we had today must be a welcome sight for firefighters, who have been battling wildfires this week.

But the forecast is calling for more dry conditions.

United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg Local 867 president Alex Forrest says people have to be very careful, and a very serious fire ban is in place.

"You have to realize that we're having a situation where these firefighters are having to go out, and the fields that they're standing on, that they're fighting the fire (on), that itself is massive amounts of foliage and grass and shrubbery that's built up over the last number of years, and it's tinder-dry. It's like standing on a field of gasoline."

Four firefighters were caught in a wildfire yesterday when the wind changed. They managed to make it out, with two suffering smoke inhalation injuries. Forrest says he thinks they will be okay physically but he's concerned about their mental well-being.

"They did have inhalation burns, with some scorching of their airways and such, but what we're most concerned with is the emotional toll that will take on those firefighters. When I spoke to those firefighters, it was really amazing, those firefighters thought that this was it, that they were going to die in this fire."

A burn ban remains in place in several Manitoba municipalities, including Winnipeg. It will be lifted when conditions improve.