You have most likely taken part in a first aid training program, which helps you recognize who is injured and how to treat that injury. But have you heard of mental health training?

It is a growing trend, and now there is a mental health first aid program being offered by Saskatoon-based Bridges Health this week in Winnipeg. This type of training originated in Australia back in 2001, and has since been adopted by 18 countries around the world.

Ashley Breland, the mental health program co-ordinator at Bridges Health, says that it helps provide support and advocate appropriate professional for someone who may be experiencing a mental health problem. "We are at a point now where the mental health awareness is at a peak of saying 'What do we do with these situations and how do we provide help?'" she said.

Breland gave some tips on how to recognize a panic attack. She says that we must not give advice or try to help a person that is going through a panic attack, but to assure them that you will be staying there with them and to help get their breathing under control. "What that does is to calm everything back down so that you might be able to start having a conversation with them," she said.

The program is sold out for this week, but Breland says that she and Bridges Health will be returning to Winnipeg on May 30-31. For all of the registration info, go to the Bridges Health website.