Police say more arrests may be made after two suspects were taken into custody for the homicide of a 21-year-old.

One year ago in the late evening of August 26, 21-year-old Mohammed Yonis Ali was shot in the 800 block of Alfred Avenue. The Toronto man was found suffering from gunshot wounds after someone called the Winnipeg Police Service about hearing the shots.

The shooting was fatal and Ali died two days later in the hospital. Before his death officers were investigating the shooting as a homicide due to the serious nature of his injuries. 

Constable Rob Carver says this was likely premeditated.

"What I do want to make clear though in a situation like this it is not random," Carver says. "We almost always see some sort of involvement where either gangs or drugs play a causal factor."

On Wednesday officers are releasing a statement about the investigation, saying they are charging two men with First Degree Murder and are anticipating more suspects to come forward in the future. 

"I think the more important message here is the risk to the community either by gangs or drugs," Carver says. "The critical factor here is the involvement of gang activity in a community often leads to this type of scenario. We have got somebody targeted and killed. The same goes for drugs."

On Thursday, officers arrested and charged a 25-year-old man from Victoria Beach in Selkirk with First Degree Murder. The suspect remains in custody. On August 25, a 24-year-old man was charged and remains in custody. Police say this suspect has several arrest warrants from previous shootings that injured three people.

The WPS continues to investigate, saying additional arrests may be pending for suspects who may have aided the two they have in custody.

"We are looking at additional potential arrests here. And what we are looking at is people who may have supported (the suspects) in the commission of the homicide."

Police are releasing details of the three previous shootings for the first time, all from 2019.

The first incident was at approximately 11:45 p.m. on July 20. Police say the now 24-year-old was being investigated after two people in a parked vehicle on the 200 block of Johnson Avenue were shot at. One of the victims was slightly injured. This led to an arrest warrant for Attempt Murder and Discharge Firearm.

The second shooting was on September 24, late in the night at 11:50 p.m. Two men leaving a 700 block of Main Street bar, walking in the Jarvis Avenue and Maple Street area, were followed by a vehicle. Inside the vehicle were two men the walkers had previously gotten into a confrontation in. Shots rang out from the vehicle, hitting the 26-year-old in the upper chest and a nearby home. The man was taken to the hospital and was later released. This led to an arrest warrant for Discharge Firearm with Intent.

The third incident occurred on September 27. Police say the suspect and a man got into "a heated argument" that lead to the suspect shooting the man. The victim was then taken to the hospital and was later charged, This led to an arrest warrant being issued for Discharge Firearm with Intent.

Those with information on the 2020 incident are being asked to call the Homicide Unit at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).