You might remember them from Sunday school in your own childhood, but flannelgraphs are still in use today to spread the Good News. 

Mission Network News (MNN) reports that two missions organizations have partnered to use flannelgraphs around the world. They are especially being used to teach unreached people groups about Jesus, and they're used to teach people of all ages, not just kids.

John Pudaite from Bibles For The World says their work with By Design Ministries International has seen good success.

“As our focus is on unreached people groups, [By Design Ministries] has come up with a wonderful way to share the Gospel message starting from creation all the way to the ascension of Jesus in ten stories,” Pudaite told MNN.

Pudaite says the flannelgraphs work especially well because a lot of the people they work with are illiterate. The stories on the old fashioned flannel boards help bring the stories of Jesus to life.

“In ten short stories, [ministry workers] can present the Gospel and flannelgraphs.”

Pudaite says they're also helpful because often areas they work in are antagonistic towards the gospel being preached. The stories help workers get in to present the stories quickly.

500 stories were recently taken to India and Pudaite says that more are already being requested from local evangelists.