What would you do if someone made incredibly hurtful comments about your weight? Maybe that's already happened. What if that person was Simon Cowell, and there were millions of people watching all over the world? How would you respond?

Would you put your guard up? Cry? Yell? Say something you may regret saying in the moment because you are so hurt? 

 This very thing happened to Mandisa on season 5 of American Idol. Simon made comments about her size and weight. People knew that Mandisa was a Christian, and all eyes were on her to see how she would answer. 

What an amazing example she is! A response like that is one that shines so brightly as an example of what forgiveness is. Mandisa finished the season in 9th place, and went on to win a grammy award for "The Best Contemporary Christian Music Album" for "Overcomer".

Today, I pray that you would be encouraged by her words and be inspired to extend such grace in your daily life. I know I am. -Christy :)