Like many municipal leaders in the Red River Valley, the Reeve for the R.M. of Montcalm wasn't surprised by the province's initial spring flood predictions.

"With the weather that we've had, and all of this snow south of the Border and up here," said Paul Gilmore. "We welcome the prediction, but it was not unexpected."

Manitoba’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre is predicting is a high risk of major spring flooding along the main stem of the Red River. The risk extends to the Red's tributaries as well, including the Roseau, Rat and Pembina Rivers. Unfavourable weather conditions would lead to levels similar to 2009 as well, including on the Roseau River.

"Not only this municipality but all residents of the Red River Valley, we've had generations of people that have seen numerous floods," added Gilmore. "So, it's not new to us. We are accustomed to it and are normally prepared. We are just hoping for the best."

The Reeve hopes for a slow melt and good weather moving forward.

Meantime, Gilmore said local officials will be keeping a close eye on PR 246, or St. Mary's Road, as spring draws near.

The highway has sustained major damage over the past number of years as floodwaters ripped through it, forcing the evacuation of several families in the municipality. This, added Gilmore, is a routine problem area when both the Red and Roseau rivers exceed their banks.

"We do have a project for St. Mary's Road but it's in the initial engineering stages at this point," explained Gilmore. "Once completed, it should help mitigate the risk. I don't think it will eliminate all risk but it will help in mitigating on that side of the Red."