For three days only Folklorama will offer people a taste of countries around the world as they Livestream from the Burton Cummings Theatre.

"We are having a different kind of year than we usually have. It's going to be a fusion event with a number of groups of people you've come to know and love. Really just a coming together of culture in a manner that is still safe for people to do so," says Teresa Cotroneo, the Executive Director of Folklorama in Winnipeg. 

On August 6 they'll focus on Asia and Africa. August 7 will showcase cultural entertainment from the Americas, both South and North. Then on August 8, Folklorama will focus on Europe. 

"We'd love for people to join us for all three nights but if you're able to pick one night, have a viewing party with family or friends, or just watch yourself, it's going to be something very special."

L'ensemble folklorique de la Riviere-Rouge

It's the first time Folklorama will be doing everything online and they have some special things to offer viewers. 

"Food is such an important part of our cultures. We are doing an ethnocultural food week, the first in our history, where we've partnered with a number of local restaurants," says Cotroneo. "That's on right now and people can go on our website to see what is being offered."

Folklorama is offering an ethnocultural marketplace online for goods people normally cannot access throughout the year. 

"Lots of great things that are happening in tandem with Folklorama this year," she says.

The three-day event is free to the public and will be on Facebook and Twitter.