After taking two years off, Winnipeg's beloved multicultural event is back with an in-person event. 

"We are so excited to announce that we are back in person for our 51st festival," says Tanya Williams, the Director of Marketing Communications and Engagement with Folklorama in Winnipeg. "It'll be July 31 to August 13. We're excited to be celebrating the way we should be in-person."

There will be 24 cultural pavilions for people to see and attend during Folklorama. 

"I have lived all over Canada and to come back home to Winnipeg and to see how special Folklorama is, it's how the communities make Folklorama special, how everybody embraces culture here. We celebrate it and that's why Folklorama is so important."

Each Folklorama pavilion represents a country outside of Canada and runs its event slightly differently. However, some constants would be a live presentation, food from their home country, and drinks. 

"If you haven't been to Folklorama in a while, I'll give you a pro tip," says Williams. "Check out our VIP tours. You can take a luxury motorcoach, we have walking or cycling tours, and you can visit between two to three pavilions in one night."

Willians says that volunteers of the pavilions don't just run them in the summer, but instead, they work in some regard to keep the culture alive 365 days of the year. 

"What some people don't know is that all the money made in a pavilion stays in the pavilion. This helps things from the traditional dance to language, to immigration transition programs."

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Italian pavilion. (Supplied)Italian pavilion. (Supplied)