A movie based on famed footballer Kurt Warner's life will hit theatres on December 25.

For the first time ever, a Christian movie is seeing a Christmas box office opening. American Underdog opens on December 25 everywhere, including in Canada.

"I am where I am because I believed and I never gave up...and that is the message of the Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation. Brenda and I are living proof of the importance of having strong faith in God, in yourself and in your talents," Warner says in a statement about his film.

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The movie was originally set to be released on December 18, but the date was moved back a week.

American Underdog is a sports drama following Warner's life going from stocking supermarket shelves to the Superbowl. The sports film does not shy away from Warner's faith as I Still Believe's Jon and Andrew Erwin are the brother duo directing the faith-filled film.

"I had my share of ups and downs on the field during my career. But, through it all I felt the Lord’s presence at work in my life. NFL experts tried to figure out the secret to my on-field successes. For me, it's easy and really has little to do with football. First things first - faith and family - is my formula for success."

Based on the book All Things Possible, the film's synopsis says "anything is possible when you have faith, family, and determination."

The film puts Zachary Levi, Dennis Quaid, and Anna Paquin in the spotlight as the stars of the movie.

Point of Grace and Sandi Patty are among those endorsing the film.