He may have just won the Grey Cup, but Blue Bombers defensive tackle Drake Nevis says it's just another opportunity to make Jesus known.

Nevis and his wife, Reese, have been active in serving others in the City of Winnipeg since they arrived three seasons ago. Before the 2019 season, Nevis re-signed with the Bombers on a one year contract. He says that the decision had more to do with God than football.

"It definitely was more than football. Football is my platform to share the love of Christ, so wherever the journey of football takes me that is my responsibility to help whoever the Father has for us to lead. It was a great honour once again to be in the wonderful city of Winnipeg as well as serve."

Nevis is not only a great player but has taken on the role of being the Bombers chapel leader. This year there has been a large group of players who come together to learn, pray and worship.

There have been moments where "we would look around say I thought I was the only one going through this trial and tribulation ...  it was a fun time for us to show up in each other's honour, and hold each other accountable. It definitely played a big role in our success on the field as well as off the field."

Brought the Grey Cup party to marginalized people

After the Grey Cup parade on Tuesday, while other players continued the celebration, the Nevises and teammate Nathan Brisson-Fast went to a downtown ministry to serve others.

Both of the Nevis are regular volunteers at Love Lives Here during the regular season. He says that despite the hectic schedule of the parade, celebrations, and packing up to return to their home in Louisiana, there was no question that they would go and serve one last time this year at LLH.

"When purpose tugs at you it's tough for you to ignore that urge to go do something," he says. "It was important to enjoy our celebration but also know what else is important too. That was a great opportunity to share with the people at Love Lives Here. They're family, too, so we had to show love. We started another party!"