Rob Wiebe continues to bring the Gospel to people, and often by the caseload.

In 2010 Wiebe decided to enter a contest CHVN ran called Who Wants To Be A Radio DJ? With an amazing voice, it was no wonder Wiebe would win the contest after many great entries. He would go on to host CHVN's morning show for a time.

After leaving CHVN to explore ministry opportunities, Wiebe landed at Give The Word, working alongside Ryan Rempel to distribute Bibles to ministries and individuals.

"I just love it," he says about the work. "We get to see and hear from people who are experiencing miracles every day."

"We're basically Bible brokers, if you will, to dumb it down a little bit. But what God does with that is just immense and for His glory, and we get to be a part of that. It's just such a huge honour."

Wiebe says he has fond memories of his time at CHVN, and especially those early morning drives to the radio station from Blumenort on winter days when the snowplows hadn't even been out yet. "Sometimes, I had to drive my little old 2001 Ford Focus. It wasn't the greatest car, but it was faithful. All I did was put my high beams on and aim for the highest mound of snow in front of me, and that's basically how I got to work sometimes."

Wiebe also continues to use his voice for the Kingdom. He volunteers as a voice actor for different ministries and organizations.