James MacDonald, the former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC), has said that he "will be back soon."

The former Chicago mega-church pastor has taken to social media to provide an update with an online group of supporters. 

MacDonald was forced out of the church he started after an incident involving derogatory comments made by MacDonald were aired on a local radio program. That had followed months of public back and forth with a reporter and two former church members whom HBC had sued.

MacDonald shared in the message that this past year has been one of great loss for himself and his family, but gave God credit for always being in control, the Christian Post reports.

"The truth will come to light in his time," MacDonald said, hinting at the incidents that led to his termination from the church that he himself founded 30 years ago. Alleged financial wrongdoing and a toxic church environment were also accusations made against MacDonald, contributing to his indefinite sabbatical.

"We have prayed to practice our biblical teaching on love and God has surely allowed us to be stretched," the pastor shared. "There is much we could say, as so much is not at all what has been portrayed. But we look to the Lord for forgiveness where I did fail as a leader and for vindication of false statements that will not cover forever what others have done," he said.

MacDonald said that he will soon be returning with free digital content; "fresh messages from God's Word." He also updated the group about his family, sharing that his children have found new places of ministry and that his wife and himself remain in good health.

"Great days of triumph and victory always follow days of testing – we look forward to sharing with you in brand new ways – all the Lord has been teaching us and what His calling is for us," MacDonald said.

Independent journalist Julie Roys reported last week that MacDonald posted his message to Walk in the Word Partners, a Facebook group, after a member of the group alerted her to his post.

It was Roys' investigation into the events at Harvest Bible Church that led to MacDonald's eventual termination. Roys was also sued by the church along with two bloggers for voicing criticisms of the pastor.