Louie Weaver, former drummer for the popular Christian rock band Petra, is picking up the pieces after falling victim to a scam.

On Wednesday, the band posted on their Facebook page asking for prayers for Louie.

"Prayers are appreciated for Louie Weaver. He fell victim to a scam targeting business owners in Tennessee," said the band in the post. 


Weaver's neighbours quickly came to Louie's aid, starting a GiveSendGo Campaign to help Louie and his wife, Penny, recoup their losses. 

"My neighbours Louie and Penny Weaver were cruelly targeted by scammers that called them from a local number pretending to be the Davidson County Sherrif's Department," the neighbours stated in a post on GiveSendGo. "They were informed they were under arrest for missing a court date related to proving the validity of their federal Covid-19 small business Paycheck Protection Program loan."

According to their neighbours, the scammers had all of the Weaver's personal details, including the exact loan amount and a forged court summons.

Penny, a realtor in Davidson County, Tennessee, was fearful of losing her license, so they did what the scammers asked, sending $20,700 from a crypto booth in three transactions.

"They have little hope of getting their money back and were left with just $5 in their bank account," said their neighbours. "This GiveSendGo fund aims to support the Weaver Family after all the joy and help they have given to so many of us."

The Weaver's neighbours say there have been at least 40 similar incidents in the area in recent months, and the FBI is now involved.