A compassionate small group of people who work in Winnipeg's core are enjoying some hot pizza for lunch.

The staff at Freedom House on Ellen Street were delighted to be the most recent recipients of CHVN's Chicken Chef Lunch Break. 

"This amazing team serves at the drop-in at Freedom House Monday to Friday! They are hard-working, caring and so loving to the community they serve in the core area," says Priscilla Moodley who nominated the group.

A CHVN staff member was delighted to let the group know why they were nominated. Freedom House's dedication to bringing hope to the cities most vulnerable population is inspiring. One of the staff had tears in her eyes as thanks were returned back to them. 

"They are a committed group of people," says Moodley.

The staff won four large pizzas with the CHVN Chicken Chef Lunch Break, including movie tickets and snacks from Landmark Cinema and a gift card to Perogy Planet. 

To nominate a small group of people for the lunch break, click here