Manitobans continue to show love and kindness during this season despite the current circumstances.

The Christmas season often brings cheer and good deeds. This year, despite a province-wide lockdown, Manitobans continue to live up to their friendly name.

Locals are creating food hampers, hosting food drives, and showing love to their neighbours in many ways. Residents have been noticing the needs of their community even at a distance and are spreading joy in large ways, such as donating hundreds of pounds of food or smaller ways, such as baking a loaf of bread for someone else.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the province's Chief Public Health Officer, has been consistent in asking Manitobansto to be kind to one another and is glad to see Manitobans spreading joy.

"I think that is the key to this, that no matter what restrictions we have in place, we are definitely all in this together," he says. "Actions of all Manitobans affect us all. They affect the hospital numbers, they affect the health of others, there is no way around that."

Roussin says the past nine months have affected Manitobans in many ways including health-wise and financially. 

"To still find that positive outlook, to still find ways to try to keep Manitobans on board with this, it is going to be even more important as we get into what is going to be a very tough and very different holiday season."

The Christmas season may look different, but Manitobans are demonstrating that they will go the distance to show love while keeping each other safe.

The doctor is calling those who have been finding ways to spread joy leaders.

"The Manitobans that are doing that are showing leadership to try to bring down these numbers."

Roussin and Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa say the best way to show appreciation for healthcare workers is to follow the fundamentals.

"The best thing you can do for healthcare workers is to follow the public health guidelines and wear your masks, stay home, wash your hands, and help us get these numbers down," Siragusa says.