Three men turned friends that met through the Adult & Teen Challenge are releasing their first hip-hop single titled 'I'm Free.'

"I had a passion for rap and hip-hop, music and singing, but felt like I long lost that fire," says Donald James, one of the men that raps on the new song. "I was at a Teen Challenge event where Lorne was performing a song. The way he performed, the Holy Spirit came on me so strongly, it reignited a fire in my heart, listening to him."

James teamed up with Lorne David Pykerman and Preston Tanghe to write this song. It just started as a jam session but turned into a song they're happy to share with people. 

"We would just sit in the presence of God and write. This whole thing just came together while we were just worshipping and listening."

According to Tanghe, the song and melody were simple but powerful, like the gospel. 

"It was such a simple statement that 'I'm free because Christ has set me free.' It's the simple gospel, the knowing and power in the truth and in the words."

Pykerman overcame a lot in his past and is thrilled to rap about the power of God in his life through his music. 

"I heard that crazy hook and it lifted our spirits up. Hopefully, we got a lot more things to do, whether it's collabs or solos, this is the beginning."

To hear their testimonies of coming to Christ, watch the video above. You can listen to 'I'm Free' below.