Two-time Grammy award winner Lauren Daigle returns to the American Idol stage to perform one of her hit singles. 

"Just finished on American Idol and it's the first time ever that I've gotten to play on the big show," Daigle posts on Facebook with a video.

She sported a new hairdo with bright blonde highlights.

"I was cut as a contestant. How fun is that," Daigle says on her social media. 

Daigle tried out for American Idol three times in the past before she made it big as a CCM artist. She almost made it to the top 24 contestants in 2010, and then did make it to the Hollywood round in 2012 before being cut in the first round, meaning she never hit the big stage.

Daigle performed her song 'Look Up Child' on the show on April 19.

"What an amazing feeling to be on the big stage — forever grateful!"

Posting a video of Daigle's performance to YouTube, American Idol says "Another comeback performance, but this time...with the iconic Lauren Daigle! Lauren gives us the incredible, unique performance style we’ve come to know and love from her."