Both Rick and Robin McMillin struggled with addiction. Rick with anger and Robin with alcohol.

"Rick and I were married back in 2002. Life was wonderful. We were both very successful in business, bank directors, home health directors, and I started drinking socially," said Robin.

This eventually became a problem that led her down a road of many years of heartache.

"I wound up losing my job, went to many secular programs, was diagnosed with multiple diagnoses with mental health diseases and at one time was taking 18 pills a day and getting electric shock treatment three times a week for severe depression."

Rick had a hard time watching his wife struggle and found a place called Total Freedom in Florida that he encouraged his wife to check out.

"I completed the program there. I stayed for the whole nine-month program, even staying an additional month," said Robin. "Thank God he reconciled our marriage. I went back to Missouri, where he lived, and then about three years after that, Rick and I moved to Florida to volunteer and give back to some of what Total Freedom did for us."

In 2015, those feelings returned for Robin, and her world came crashing down around her a second time. 

"I just knew that God had a plan and a purpose, and I didn't know why I had to suffer so much. I lost my son to an overdose," Robin explained. "Finally, Rick said to me. 'Honey, you need some healing that you've never gotten before.'" 

Total Freedom had another program in New York, near Buffalo, and Robin decided to go there to have some time away to be with God alone and to really get to the root of what was causing her to feel the way she was.

"Since that time, I have been set free."

In the midst of all of this, Rick struggled with an addiction to anger. He, too, was healed and set free. 

They were eventually given an opportunity to start up a chapter of Total Freedom in Manitoba, which is what they continue to do to this day.

Today on Connections, Rick and Robin share their powerful testimonies. They'll also chat about the work being done at Total Freedom Manitoba.