He went from notorious to glorious, with many high hills and downward slopes along the way.

Michael Bull Roberts is a Christian author, speaker, and artist. But he wasn't always living a life focused on following after Jesus.

Bull was best known as a white supremacist, drug dealer, and notorious gang leader. His story involves a lot of trauma and heartache, but it also involves miraculous healing and hope.

Roberts grew up in an abusive home and was tormented physically and mentally for years by his own father. He soon found himself in and out of juvenile jails and institutions and by the age of 16 he was declared criminally insane.

He soon ended up on the street, seeking love and acceptance in all the wrong places. He became involved in a dark, white-supremacist culture, consumed by drugs, violence and greed. He was feared by many.

But, even though Michael didn't realize it at the time, God was pursuing him. It all came to what seemed like was going to be a tragic end to Michael’s life when his so-called friends turned on him and beat him and left him for dead.

Then something happened. Something that would be a turning point in the life of this career criminal. God poured out his love in an amazing way. The Holy Spirit washed over Michael and the soul of a little boy seeking love emerged.

Michael now loves to speak about how God redeemed and brought him out of the gutter and how he has opened so many doors for him. Surrendering to God wasn't easy for this giant of a man, but once he did, he realized that the love of God was the answer.

And it was just the beginning of an amazing journey. Michael has managed to go beyond the hate that was an integral part of his life, and, instead speaks of how Jesus rescued him and laid upon his heart to embark upon another kind of journey—one of forgiveness and healing and ministry.

Michael Bull Roberts’ ministry has become a global adventure. He no longer cares about power and money and prestige. He lives day to day trusting God and heeded his direction to feed the hungry, love the downcast, heal the hurting. He has a passion for youth and for teaching and talking about the harm bullying does.

To learn more about Michael and his book, his ministry and his art visit www.michaelbullroberts.ca.