She may be young, but 20 year old Tiffany Froese already has plenty of life experience.

The Landmark area resident recently went on a trip to the Dominican Republic where she taught english for a year in a small town called Monte Cristi.


Tiffany Froses teaches english to a student in the Dominican Republic (Photo supplied with permission by Tiffany Froese)

Froese says it's always been a passion of hers to teach english, and after her most recent trip, she says she also has a dream now to start a couple of soccer leagues in the area...

She says it's important for children and youth in Monte Cristi to get involved in a sport like soccer...

Froese says she will return to the Dominican Republic at the end of February, but she says she is in need of a bit of help to make her soccer dream a reality.

Those interested in helping out can do so by calling Tiffany at 204-355-9032 or by emailing her at

Froese is accepting donations up until the end of February.