Dave Coulier is opening up about his struggles with many people he is close with passing and how he relies on faith to keep him steady.

Coulier is known for his role as Joey Gladstone in the hilarious and family-friendly Full House series and the spin-off series Fuller House.

The comedian has recently opened up in an interview with CBN FaithWire about how he has dealt with becoming sober and the passing of loved ones, particularly his friend and costar, Bob Saget. 

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He said he first met Saget at a comedy club in Detriot, Michigan. After performing, Coulier thought he did pretty well, but then Saget entered the club, and his performance blew Coulier away. The two conversed and exchanged numbers.

When Coulier moved to Los Angeles, he did what Saget told him to do and called him. The two reconnected, and similarily to the sitcom, Saget let Coulier sleep on his couch.

"Bob and I just became instant brothers, and then art imitates life," Coulier says. "I end up doing Full House with Bob and [my character] Joey moves into [Saget's character] Danny Tanner's living room and sleeps on his couch."

Saget passed away in a hotel in Orlando in early January of this year. Since the two actors were close, Saget's death impacted Coulier and shook him to his core. He struggled to deal with the loss as more of his loved ones passed away. However, Coulier says that his faith helped him through those hardships.

"I grew up in a very Catholic community here in...the suburbs of Detroit, in a very large, Catholic family. So, the beauty of that is that I always had wonderful people to lean on through tough times."

Although Coulier grew up religious, he admits that he suffered through a long period of alcohol abuse that led him to struggle with his faith.

"I always equate my faith to a fire that's burning inside of you, and I almost extinguished that fire because of my abuse with alcohol."

The comedian finally found sobriety right before a difficult year. He lost his brother to suicide, his father passed away, and Saget died all within 12 months.

Coulier called the deaths a "hat trick of losses" and it deeply hurt him like a punch to the heart. He is grateful that he was able to deal with these deaths while he was sober.

"The only thing I could think was, thank goodness I don't have alcohol in my life that is extinguishing that fire which is my faith. And I was able to feel those raw emotions, which I never would have felt had I been abusing alcohol—and I was in touch with myself spiritually. So, for me, it was allowing that flame to ignite again and to find my spirituality, and it helped me through all of that."

Coulier finished the interview by offering words of encouragement to anyone who might be struggling with anything in their life right now.

"Don't forget to laugh. Laughter is such an amazing gift. It can heal you. It can give you perspective."

Coulier will be starring in the upcoming faith comedy series called Live + Local