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Since the advent of the pandemic, the working world has changed at an astonishing pace. New challenges have been met with new technologies. Companies have been restructuring, implementing new management, new systems, bending, shifting, merging.

Facing all this change, many teams are struggling to achieve sales goals. Turnover is increasing. Sick days are on the rise.

Homefield People & Strategy offer good news, with a suite of training and custom-made solutions to help organizations elevate workplace culture, increase resilience, and retain talent:

Leaders at all Levels Leadership Development begins January 19th. Leaders at all levels will learn how to leverage their strengths and develop the skills to lead with confidence.

Leading Through Change begins April 2022. Leaders will develop the skills to champion change successfully through understanding, communication, and consistency.

Training for Leaders helps leaders to influence and engage with employees, set strategic business goals, and ultimately achieve business success.

Training for Teams helps teams develop a collaborative culture, maximize performance, and increase productivity by identifying time wasters and developing effective communication skills.

Sales Training helps sales teams learn how to strengthen customer relationships, deliver an on-brand customer experience, and achieve greater results.

As part of Manitoba’s economic recovery, the Province of Manitoba, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development Winnipeg have launched Retrain Manitoba – a $12.5 million business grant program. Business owners could be reimbursed up to $2,500 per employee for any retraining and upskilling required to keep up with their evolving businesses.

All of the training solutions offered by Homefield People & Strategy are eligible for Retrain Manitoba program reimbursement, so any businesses that pursue training before August 2022 can apply for a 100% reimbursement of those training costs.

There is a time limit, however.

The Retrain Manitoba grant is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the funds have been distributed, up to $75,000 per employer, the program will close.

If you’re ready to seize the opportunity to receive 100% reimbursement to upskill your team, contact Homefield People & Strategy:


Fully paid training up to $75,000 from Retrain Manitoba