Give the Word ministries is expanding and setting up a second office and warehouse in Steinbach, Man. 

Ryan Rempel is the founder and director of Give the Word ministries, which gives away Bibles to anyone who is looking for it all across Canada. They give Bibles to individuals all the way to groups of people in remote locations.

"As Give the Word continues to grow, we are opening up an actual office and warehouse space in Steinbach," says Rempel.

Rob Wiebe, the Ministry Development Rep for Give the Word will be running this new space while Rempel continues to man the office in Winnipeg. 

"Due to a generous donor coming on board, we have a brand-new 1,400 sq ft office going up that's being built right now."

The new space for Give the Word in Steinbach coming together.The new space for Give the Word in Steinbach coming together. (Supplied)

Rempel hopes to have this space in Steinbach functional by mid-May. 

"We're still going to maintain our office and warehouse space in the Youth for Christ building in Winnipeg," says Rempel. "This is going to allow us to expand and stock more Bibles."

With this new space, Give the Word will be able to stock roughly 150,000 Bibles at any given time. 

"That brings our cost down as we order more and we'll just have more on hand to be able to send out on-demand as they're needed," he says.

The ministry had been leasing a space before this, but after speaking with the building owner, they came to an agreement that the ministry could finish it. After that, a supporter said they would cover the cost of the lease.

"It was a massive God-send. It was a huge overhead cost cut and now we're moving into a fantastic space. There's no doubt that the Lord wants His word to go out and He's paving the way for that. It's amazing to be along for the ride."