Without the help of volunteers, the annual Children's Hospital Book Market at St. Vital Centre would not be as recognized as it would today.

Throughout the entire year, the Children's Hospital Foundation (CHF) collects donated, gently used books from any and all genres, including fiction, sports, self-help, children's books and more at discounted prices, and all the proceeds go towards giving children in the hospital the support they need to get better.

This year's spring book market will be held on April 21-22, at the St. Vital Centre.

And since April 18-24 is considered National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the CHF also recognizes and thanks over 300 volunteers that help them with the book market alone.

The volunteers are responsible for picking up donated books, reviewing them, pricing and transporting them to St. Vital Centre for the book market, and helping shoppers pick the perfect book. It's not easy work and that is why CHF takes a moment to recognize all the work their volunteers do.

"The Children’s Hospital Book Market is so very fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer base and without the loyal support of these volunteers, over many years, we would never be able to raise the funds we donate to Children’s Hospital Foundation," says Carol Irving, Book Market Coordinator. "We are also so thankful to book donors who drop off gently used, good condition re-saleable books, the shoppers who come every year for the great finds, and of course our sponsors who ensure we can operate each year."

Funds from the Children's Hospital Book Market go towards the Child Life programming at Health Sciences Centre; providing music therapy, the library program, CHTV (children's television) and a playroom with toys, games, crafts and a mini hospital where kids can play out their experience with treatments and procedures.

Since the establishment of the book market in 1961, they have raised more than $7.5 million to support the HSC Children's Hospital, with the first market after the COVID-19 shutdown drawing in over $246,000 alone.

"The Book Market event is an institution in our community and is critical for the sick and injured kids who need HSC Children’s," says Stefano Grande, CHF President and CEO. "We’re deeply grateful to the amazing group of volunteers who dedicate their time to hosting this important event and to sponsors, St. Vital Centre, Dufresne, and Amazon, who ensure the sustainability of this important community fundraising event."

All funds raised at the Book Market will go towards the $75 million Better Futures campaign, Manitoba’s largest-ever donor-driven campaign in support of child health, which focuses on three areas of strategic priority in pediatric health care: critical infrastructure and facilities, leading-edge pediatric research on childhood illnesses, and innovative programs to bring comfort to families in hospital - like the Child Life programming the Book Market directly supports. 

To learn about how the Better Futures campaign is helping transform child healthcare and research, visit goodbear.ca/BetterFutures.