Niverville's Matt Falk has a brand-new episode out on Dry Bar Comedy affectionately named 'Getting Worked Up'

Falk says the episode was launched online this past Friday and it has been exciting to get feedback throughout the weekend. 

“For this one, what I did was I took some of the best bits that I did in past albums, nobody has ever seen me do these bits, these were just audio bits that maybe you have maybe heard in the past. I took some of my favourite ones from different albums and compilations and I smooshed them all together in this 25-minute Dry Bar Comedy episode.” 

This is the second time Falk has worked with Dry Bar Comedy. He notes filming an episode feels a little different than recording a comedy album. 

“When you are filming, you are very aware of the fact that they can see everything I am doing and you have that feeling like 'what am I doing with my hands? Where do my hands go again? Do they just float like this off the side of my body, four inches from my waist? How do I normally stand?' But you get over that pretty quickly when you are actually in the moment. You are just thinking about different things with film versus audio.” 

Dry Bar Comedy is based in Utah and Falk says their content is all available online or on the Dry Bar Comedy app

“What is cool is if you go there, you can get a free month, it is a subscription-based thing and you can get a free month right now on me, just use the promo code 'Matt Falk'.” 

Looking forward, Falk notes he is also excited to release an all-new hour-long comedy album a little later this year.