The giant mural on the south wall of Vineyard Church in central Winnipeg won 'Mural of the Year' for 2016 and today, they were honoured.

The Vineyard Church was honoured today by Murals Winnipeg, winning the 2016 Mural of the Year.

"The name [of the] mural is called mending," said one of the pastor's, John Rademaker. "It's symbolic of the mending of the hearts in Winnipeg that have been broken because of various [violent] events."

wpg vineyard mural
The mural depicts an aboriginal woman, holding onto a heart and stitching it up.

The musk ox on the hat symbolizes bringing the weak into the middle of the pack for protection until they are strong enough to come to the outside circle of strength.

"We tried to make sure the values of the church would blend with the values of the artist and the values of the city," Rademaker said.