Sitting in her living room surrounded by shoeboxes, a Winnipeg woman is preparing to put smiles on the faces of 100 children.

Galilee Jabonillo has usually packed four shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child along with her family as their church takes part in the annual Christmas shoebox drive. But last year she decided to increase her footprint.

"Last year I did 100 boxes, and this year I'm doing 100 again," she says. Once she graduated from college and began a full-time career she says the decision to pack 100 boxes was easy. "I just wanted to make a lot of kids happy," she says.

Some friends have also decided to join Jabonillo, and all together they'll be giving 150 boxes this year. "I'm actually so happy. I wish I could see them opening the boxes" she says about the thought of 150 children being directly impacted by her and her friends. "I have a huge passion for kids and so doing this every year brings me so much joy."

Some people who donate several boxes each year do their shopping all year long, looking for deals on school items and small toys. Jabonillo says she does her shopping all at once, though, in October and then packs the boxes in time for the OCC national collection week. This year the collection week runs from November 15 to 21.

This year, she says, she's been getting lots of toys, that includes medical and dental toys. She's also putting notebooks and pencils in the boxes so kids can take part in classes at school.

"Giving is everything. It brings so much joy to these children. Even one box is enough."

Jabonillo says while she does have other uses for her money, like travelling one day, she's also committed to doing at least 100 boxes each year for OCC. "I want to keep that money set aside and make those kids happy. I don't know what's going on in those kids' lives and one shoebox could change a life!"