From hating the white man and Christianity to leading thousands to the Lord, this is the powerful testimony of the recently departed Stephen Lungu. 

His ministry in Africa led many to Christ and some called him 'the Billy Graham of Africa'. 

African Enterprise says that Lungu passed away on January 18, 2021 in hospital from COVID-19 complications. Lungu was the former CEO of AE, an evangelistic association that held Christian rallies throughout Africa.

Before he became an evangelist, Lungu was actually a terrorist. In a YouTube video, Lungu shares his entire testimony and the tumultuous childhood he had. 

"I come from a broken family. My mother was given to marriage at the age of 13 to a 50-year-old man," says Lungu. 

His father would often beat his mother, and as Lungu got bigger, he would try to defend her. 

"I remember one day when he pushed me aside, I hit against the wall and my head was bleeding. I looked straight in the eyes of my father and I didn't say a word. My father said, 'Why are you looking at me like that?' In my mind, I said, 'You just wait. When I grow up, I will kill you.'"

Unfortunately, things didn't get easier and to his surprise, Lungu's mother dumped him in the streets. He wound up in an orphanage where he would be badly abused. 

"I felt like I was in hell. My life went into a series of bitterness, anger, and doing drugs. I had two guns and a knife. Each mark on the knife told you how many times I had stabbed someone," he says. 

It was at that point Lungu believed that there must be no God. He went on to become a Freedom Fighter in Zimbabwe, which included throwing petroleum bombs and other violent acts. 

"When I was 20-years-old, I had embraced the Marxist ideology because we were told that the Bible was brought to Africa by the white man to brainwash the Black people and make them slaves. I hated anything to do with Jesus."

At this time, a group of Freedom Fighters along with Lungu were on their way to blow up a bank when they spotted a tent revival on the way. 

"I said, 'Guys let's surround the tent and when I give the signal, you can throw the petrol bombs in and shoot everybody.' We suddenly decided to go into the tent and listen for 2 minutes."

Those 2 minutes changed Lungu's life radically. 

"We saw this beautiful girl sharing her testimony and her face was shining with the glory of God. Before this, I thought Christianity was for the old grannies who are about the die, but not such a pretty girl."

He gave his life to Jesus Christ that evening. Feeling fully changed and new, Lungu felt that God was asking him to turn himself into the local Police. 

"I confessed to everything. After eight hours of interrogation, the police said 'If your Jesus has forgiven you, we forgive you too.' What a glorious Saviour."

After some years of healing, Lungu went on to bring many others to faith through his ministry, even someone fully unexpected. 

"Years later I was preaching in Zimbabwe and I made an appeal and over a thousand came forward and I prayed with each. I prayed for one lady, God touched her and healed her. She accepted Jesus as her Saviour."

Feeling drained himself, Lungu was ready to go home when the lady pleaded to speak with him a little longer. 

"She said, 'From the way you have shared your testimony, you must be my son. That happened to be my own mother. The boy she dumped away, little did she know that same boy would grow up and become an evangelist and bring her to the Lord."

You can watch the full testimony video of Stephen Lungu below.