A Manitoba good Samaritan was caught in the act Thursday afternoon.

Jordan Ronald says he witnessed the moment of kindness at the intersection of Main Street and Lumber Avenue in Steinbach.

"I had seen an older person slip and fall on the ice. I saw a couple of cars just drive around and I was getting ready to help but just before I got there, I saw someone jump out of their truck, throw their four-ways on, and not only did they help her up, but they made sure she made it all the way across," says Ronald adding, "He didn't even think twice about it."

Ronald says had no idea who the good Samaritan was, but was impressed by the kindness so he took a quick photo. He posted the photo to Facebook and expressed a desire to know who this helper was.

"I would just love to thank him, that would be amazing."

MIX 96 posted photos of the kind stranger in action to their Facebook page.

Dan Enns saw the post and was quick to identify the man as his brother Bryan Enns. Dan says he wasn't surprised at all to see Bryan helping a stranger.

"That's just him. He is willing to help out just about anyone and give the shirt off his back. I am just glad that he is showing his kids how to be a proper adult."

Bryan Enns says he didn't expect to get so much attention for this simple act of kindness.

"It just sort of happened. I reacted the way I thought anyone else would and I thought that was the end of it. I wasn't expecting anyone to catch it on camera or anything like that. That's not why you do it, you do it because it is the right thing to do."