Winnipeg Harvest received a very special donation this year from some families at Granny’s Poultry Farmers Cooperative.

As Manitoba's largest poultry producer, Granny’s is well known throughout our province for producing chicken and turkey for Manitoba families year round.

Earlier this year, Granny's Poultry Farmer's Cooperative donated a total of 4000 lbs of poultry to the food bank. In January, Winnipeg Harvest received 136 cases of various cuts of chicken and turkey, and in mid February they received seventeen cases of whole turkeys.

“Knowing that hunger is not just a seasonal issue in our community, it was an easy decision for us to donate these poultry products to Winnipeg Harvest,” says Granny’s Poultry CEO Craig Evans. “In the spirit of the cooperative and in keeping with our philanthropic values of Health, Hunger and Hope, we are pleased to continue our long-time support of Winnipeg Harvest in the most meaningful way – by helping to put healthy and nutritious food on the tables of needy families.”

The food was distributed to the over 60,000 people Winnipeg Harvest feeds on a monthly basis.

Winnipeg Harvest distributes more than 12 million pounds of food annually to hungry families in Manitoba.