There are a number of different views on Halloween and how we ought to celebrate halloween - If you or your kids will be partaking in traditional halloween festivities of going door to door, there are number of precautions you can take to make sure it's a great night.

For various reasons, some may choose not to partake at all. If that's you, we totally support you! There are host of fun Halloween alternatives put on by churches and community centers across the city.

If you are going for the traditional trick or treat, here are some things to think about.

Check that candy:

Make sure your kids know to bring their candy home so that you can inspect what they've picked up to make sure it's safe (and allergin-free). Depending on how old your children are, a tip to doing this sucessfully might be to propose a candy match - for every four pieces of candy they bring, you'll match it with another piece of candy to encourage them to bring their whole stash home. Sending tasty snacks like granola bars or cookies will help this as well.

Ensure their Costumes are visible

Kids will be running around and if people and drivers can see they're scampering around, everyone will be a little safer, little ones included. If your child is wearing a darker costume, try giving them some glowsticks. Kids love them and they're explosively bright and impossible

Propose the Buddy System

Sticking together with a friend is a fun idea, but it will also help kids keep track of each other as they roam about.

Talk safety before they go

Before your children head out the door, make sure to take five minutes and remind them about how important it is to look before crossing streets. Winnipeg schools have safe halloween kits on hand - if you haven't heard about them or received one, ask your local school about them.

Do your part, drivers!

Children are excited at Halloween and will be runnning about. If you're driving in a neighborhood, staying slow will help you gauge action on your street as you drive along and make the night a safer one.

... And, of course...

Have Fun!